Rivers in Andaman and Nicober Islands

The islands of Andaman and Nicobar are although much devoid of large river bodies but the scarcity there is fulfilled by the various perennial streams. Some of the perennial streams making a part of the Nicobar Islands are Mitakari, Pema Nala, Burma Nala, Protherropore Nala, Korang, Dhanikari, Karmatang, Rangat, Betapur, etc. On the other hand Andaman is blessed with just one river named as Kalpong.


The Great Nicobar Islands is known to be the only island on the Nicobar group which is having five perennial rivers. In the great Nicobar you can come across the rivers Alexandra, Amrit Kaur, Danes, Galathea and Dogmar and each of them has its origin in the Mount Thullier. Virtually, the rivers here flow in southern or southwesterly direction which is a clear indication that there is a general terrain slope across the island. Undulating hills which are spread throughout the island but the main range of it is running in south-north orientation. The highest part of this range, the mount Thuillier is considered to be the highest elevation among all the points in Nicobar. The area is 642 meters above the level of sea. The southernmost point here, known by the name of Indira point was submerged in tsunami waves in the year 2004.

Some of the major rivers making an important part of the topography of Andaman and Nicobar islands and also contributing to the daily trade of people in the region are listed below.

  • The Alexandria River making a major part of perennial rivers of the Great Nicobar is quiet popular in the region. This river is situated just at the mouth of Alexandria and is much known among the people for its leatherback nesting beaches scenically located on the Great Nicobar Island.
  • Another perennial river of the great Nicobar is the Galathea which flows over faulted anticline. It is basically the presence of a block faulting just at the downstream side of Galathea River. The beach close to it looks like it is meant for nesting of Giant Leather Black Turtles.
  • Doyma is also counted as the major perennial river of the Great Nicobar which is also a clear ground for nesting of Leather Black Turtles. The nesting ground for the turtles is situated at the Doyma Rivers mouth.
  • Kalpong makes the most popular river of the Andaman District which has its origination from the Saddle Peak which takes it to the Bay of Bengal. Particularly this river is considered to the site of the very first hydroelectric project in the entire region of Andaman and Nicobar islands. The river traverses in Northward direction on the island and continues to stretch for a length of 35 Kilometers before joining the Aerial Bay Creek of the eastern coast close to Diligpur.

The given perennial rivers and streams soaking the area of Andaman and Nicobar islands are enough to cater the demands of the people of island. Although the network here is not very intense in terms of water bodies still a lot of commercial activities and daily needs are easily satisfied with the presence of the existing ones. In all the existing natural resources of the island are enough to satisfy the needs as well as the embellishing of the island.




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