Sub – Conscious

Deep inside my mind u tried to subdue me
Drenched your soul deep in my heart as if u knew me.
Trynna play with my life to make me believe that u owe me.
Figuring out, I’m sick of u, u tried to destroy me.

I ain’t crazy about u anymore
Bitch u dragged me to hell u bloody whore.
U tried to strangle me and break me apart into pieces,
Damn I should have listened to the words of holy Jesus.

Deep inside my mind I could listen to the tolling of the bell
My subconscious got drowned in hatred well.
I got lost in an echo whenever I heard your name.
Got blinded by the lies while seeking for fame.
Never could have imagined the girl I love would play such a game
Did everything right but still on me u did put the blame,
I used to believe u were a beautiful gem.
My subconscious got lost in the darkness; I couldn’t be the same again.

U hypnotized me with fake love
Came to me as a beautiful dove
Turned my mind into a unimaginable maze,
I could see nothing, everything was turning into haze

But through my subconscious I could see u were wearing a red dress,
My mind became void soon I started losing your trace.
Deep within me, I started looking for an answer
My subconscious mind forced me to dream about vengeance against her.

I could sense the earth shaking, ground breaking in a response to this disaster,
The entire story of my life turned into a nutshell of a struggling oyster.
I couldn’t take the pain any longer
My subconscious didn’t give up or surrender,
Anger raged in me and burned the grounds and transformed into hell
She was ravished by the amber and couldn’t leave anyone for this story to tell

It was her bell tolling now, a tyrant to my soul.
Never did I have ever imagined my mind could attain this goal.
Dream turned into reality and my sub conscious became someone’s disaster.
Like the Lannisters who couldn’t be on the throne and she was a daughter of a barrister.


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