This poem is for you jonaki ghosh.
Tumhe jab v dekhta hu mera mann ho jata hai madhosh.
I don’t know if it ever meant for us to stay together.
But it makes me feel like we should meet each other.

You love writing and you want to write a novel.
So dear start digging your dictionary with a shovel.
So let me start writing something that won’t ail.
I hope you’ll start to brook me and help me to prevail.

I met you through a post which was a sheer example of asperity.
I know you are assiduous and in future will live a life of prosperity.
Writing is my passion and reading is your fashion.
Girl you have no idea if we work together we can create a great impression.

Your aim in life is to become rich
Be audacious in your work and avoid eating sandwich
It might make you too healthy
I fear it won’t make you wealthy.

I avow this poem lack feelings but I am not at all blatant.
I think I am a bigot and cantankerous as good words don’t comes to me instant.
My writings are way too candid but what I write is truly chaste
But what I wrote you should be credulous about that, else it’s a time waste.


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