All I Wanted Was You

Far away you drifted from me,
A place where I can not see.
Even after being so close,
There you are as pricky as a thorn of a rose.

I let people believe that I don’t love you,
And like others you believed it too.
Even after knowing that you are not the one,
Why no one else can do what you have done.

You say i will overcome everything we had,
But its not working and its growing more bad.
It isn’t easy as you got me thinking,
With tears my eyes are still blinking.

I hope I overcome you as soon as I can,
Coz I wanna run from my feelings as fast as you ran.
Thinking about the times we shared,
The pains in my heart can all bebared.
If ever you fell like you need me like I do,
Do come back coz I will be always waiting for you.


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