яōнıт ąđнıкåяУ

Its time to tell you folks who am i.
Lets get started because i don’t wanna shy.
I’m fond of flying kites
Because the govt. has given me fundamental rights

I am also fond of rapping,
Sometimes i do Lil bitch slapping.
I keep my temperament mostly cool
Caz I’m not intimated by any fool.

I love to make girls angry
All the times I’m hungry
Losers hate me because of their misery
Because who i am still remains a mystery

My favorite subject is history
And i want to know my entire family tree.
I want to become a tour manager
And help every stranger.

I love keeping long hair.
You’d love my smell when you come near.
I’m flying kites since i was three
Because I’m wild and free.

Everyday i keep counting the star
Because i want to go up there so far.
Everyday i look at myself in the mirror
And tears falls from my eyes like a river

I wanted to do a lot of things but couldn’t succeed.
All because of my past life horrible deed.
Tried cutting myself with a knife
Never knew the value of this life

Notwithstanding wherever i strive
Trapped inside a massive bee-hive.
Sometime i cut myself to see how much i bleed
Because of the pain inside me, which i can’t read.

My broken heart is in jail
I know i could never get a bail.
Sometimes i sit in the corner and just weep
For the promises that i could never keep.

My name is Rohit
I hate my own heart beat.
My sir name is Adhikary
Which keeps me always in worry.

So lend me your ear
For you to hear
I may not be a good Shakespeare
Because i was not born on a leap year.

>ı`м ĭиvīиçïыξ<


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