The Girl

There was a girl I know
Our full college did love her so.
Her lips were totally bright red
The colour that used to never fade


She loved to wear a pink striped top
She was short but never wore dress too short
She used to call herself LIME
Thinking of her used to make my heart sublime


One day she came to my life
It felt like my heart was struck by a knife.
I began thinking, “is this the time right?”
As my best friends started to have with me fight.


I could never get her off my sight,
After we kissed and she gave me a love bite.
Days passed I fell for her and she for me
But due to pressure in my studies, I could hardly get time for her free.


But who would explain this to my love
As she used to say, I am what she only has
In her room, she used to sit in the corner and just weep
For the promises that I couldn’t keep.


One unlucky evening she came to me and said, “It’s over”.
I became numb and said, “How can i survive without you forever”
She said me, “i found someone else”
Listening to that my heart broke into thousand pieces.


It was getting dark and i was back on my way to hostel looking at the sky
There were no stars up so high
I said to myself “just let it go”
And cursing myself for behaving so low.


One thought on “The Girl

  1. your poems are something ! mostly talking about betrayal and pain……nice ones 🙂

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