If you don’t reply me how can I sleep?
The whole night I’d just weep.
I really want to take you for a trip.
Hold you tight in my arms and never let lose off the grip.

If I’m the reason for your pain,
I know it’ll be hard for you to be the same again.
The only thing I want in my life is fame.
I am not playing with you because life is not a game.

Be happy with anyone, I don’t care.
Maybe I’m too silly to understand the reason now we are here.
You were the first person to call me cute.
But I made you cry. Am I still cute?

I don’t think I am cute everything I did to you.
I loved you too much maybe that’s my mistake according to you.
If you don’t forgive me today dear
I doubt if you can ever forgive yourself dear.


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